“Treatment goes beyond acupuncture.”

My experience at Radiance Wellness has been great! I became a patient of acupuncturist Corinne Conry originally for treatment of lower back pain and associated muscle tightness. Improvement began with the very first treatment and I’m happy to say my back has now returned to normal. The scope of Corinne’s treatment goes beyond acupuncture and incorporates overall wellness and health. Since being treated by Corinne not only has my back healed, my sleeping has also improved. Corinne is gentle, caring and sincerely interested in helping her patient’s health improve. I am grateful for the how much she has helped me and recommend her highly.

— D.J.

“I was amazed at the relief I felt just 20 minutes after our first session.”

Corinne brings a very special practice to the table. I've been receiving acupuncture for over a decade, I've been in the hands of several practitioners, and my experience with Corinne stands paramount. Her pre-treatment inquiry is most thorough, and the range within her modality is vast. Not only an expert with the needles, she incorporated essential oils, tuning forks, massage and Chinese herbs seamlessly into her work. While I know long-term healing will require consistent treatments over time for my chronic health challenges, I was amazed at the relief I felt just 20 minutes after our first session.

— W.L.

Corinne is like a personal shaman. She will work with you to address your personal long-term health goals and provide you a focused formula without adverse or debilitating side effects. I much prefer to work with Corinne for my health care than traditional Western medicine. I am amazed at how much she can do even in one session. Her services are a significant investment in my health.
— M.H.

“Master healer”

Corinne Conry is a master healer with a deep intuitive ability to connect with children and adults. Personally, on two separate occasions she cured me of a sinus infection and a migraine headache – ailments that chronically plague me, and in the process allowed my body to experience an ease and wellness I had not experienced in a long while. Professionally, I have referred to her clients struggling with complications from trauma, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, impulsivity, and immune deficiencies with utter faith that she can offer them some immediate relief of body-based symptoms, yet also support deep changes for the mind and heart. 

— M.E.

“I loved seeing Corinne.”

I loved seeing Corinne and her pup during a really challenging time in my life. I felt my visits helped me process the grief I was experiencing at the time and Corinne is a gentle soft spoken practitioner, which really worked well for me.

— S.D.


“I feel like I found a gem.”

I just had my first session with Corinne. It was wonderful, cooling and nourishing. As someone who is a practitioner in Denver's healing community, it feels really great to have found someone who can hold the space for my own healing journey, and who offers a very different yet synergistic approach to my own. I feel like I found a gem :) Thanks Corinne!

— J.T.

“Corinne is great!”

Corinne is great! She takes her time and is really passionate and naturally suited for her profession as a care giver and acupuncturist!

— T.W.

I started acupuncture with Corinne about a year ago. She transformed me from a skeptic to a complete believer and advocate of acupuncture! Corinne’s healing approach has helped me with easing anxiety, relieving muscle and joint pain, improving digestion, and generally enhancing my overall quality of life. My regular acupuncture treatments have become a vital and really pleasant part of my weekly routine. Thank you, Corinne for your life-changing work!
— L.F.

“Outstanding experience!”

This was an outstanding experience! I cannot thank Ms. Corinne enough for the first-time patient empathy and consideration. The effects of this treatment were immediate and long-lasting. Very professional and obviously very knowledgeable. Great Experience!

— C.C.

“Put yourself in her care.”

Corinne is a beautiful person now extending her kindness for the wellness of others. You could not be in better hands. Do your mind and body good. Put yourself in her care.

— C.R.


“Extremely good at finding the root of an ailment.”

Professional, but very caring. Extremely good at finding the root of an ailment. Gentle needling techniques. Uses tuning forks. Very knowledgeable on use of herbal formulas and supplements.

— N.F.